Workforce Innovation Awards

This is the first year for the new Workforce Innovation Awards (replacing the Salute to the Leadership Awards). The NASWA Board of Directors implemented this new structure to allow greater emphasis on the achievements of each NASWA award, focus on states' innovations in workforce, and simplify the nomination process in an effort to encourage more states to participate. Below is the full schedule for all NASWA Workforce Innovation Awards:

Workforce Summit (Fall)

The Workforce Innovation Awards will be held during the Workforce Summit. The State Excellence Award and the National Business of the Year Award will both be presented during this award ceremony. All of the other NASWA awards presented during the association year and noted further below will be highlighted during the Workforce Innovation Awards.

Winter Policy Forum (Winter)

  • Merrill Baumgardner Innovation in Information Technology Award
  • Vladmir Chavrid Innovation in Workforce and Labor Market Information Award
  • William J. Harris Innovation in Equal Opportunity Award

Veterans Conference (Summer)

  • Mark Sanders Exceptional Service to Veterans Award

Other NASWA Awards presented throughout the association year that will be recognized during the Workforce Innovation Awards program at the Workforce Summit:

Unemployment Insurance Interstate Benefits and Federal Programs Training (Spring)

  • Award of Excellence in UI interstate benefit claims
  • Award of Merit for distinguished national service in UI interstate benefit claims

Unemployment Insurance Integrity Symposium (Spring)

  • Outstanding use of SIDES - state agencies
  • Outstanding use of SIDES - employers