Catalogue of State Training Resources for Workforce Development Professionals

Apr 10, 2015

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The amount of publically available information on state training programs for workforce development professionals varies widely by state. USDOL catalogued the information by state, training content and training provider in 2010.  While the information may be dated, it provides a reflection of the status of resources at that time.

This catalogue separates trainings into nine thematic areas. A thematic area refers to a group of trainings with similar learning goals and objectives.

The following list describes each thematic area:

I. Labor Market Information: This category contains the training programs that include instruction on labor market information.

II. Job Seeker “Core Services”: This category contains trainings for frontline staff on the basic employment related services they provide to job seeker customers.

III. Job Seeker “Intensive Services:” This category contains the trainings for career counselors who provide comprehensive and follow up services to job seekers.

IV. Business and Employer Services: The trainings in this category teach frontline staff how to assist business customers.

V. Management and Strategic Planning: The trainings in this category involve managing Workforce Investment Act programs and offices as well as making decisions regarding workforce development planning.

VI. WIA Policies and One Stop Operating Procedures: These training programs are targeted to all staff working in career one stop centers and partner agencies.

VII. Professional Communication: This category includes training on the oral and written communication skills.

VIII. Special Program Participants: These training programs are tailored for target audiences such as Veterans, Youth, Disabled Workers, Displaced Workers, Ex-Offenders, and Minorities.

IX. Soft Skills: This category includes professional development training for frontline staff who seek to enhance their interpersonal and general business skills.