2006 NASWA Annual Report

Oct 26, 2006

National Association of State Workforce Agency


Click here to view NASWA's 2006 Annual Report. Download PDF Version


I am pleased to release the second annual report of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). During my presidency of NASWA from September 2005 to September 2006, the Association focused on the following goals:
  • Strengthen the public workforce system, which includes employment and training services, education, and economic development activities;
  • Aggressively pursue funding to support programs and services under the public workforce system and to help the United States compete globally;
  • Develop new service delivery and integrity mechanisms through innovation and technology to enhance program performance and efficiency;
  • Outreach and advocate for the public workforce system. And
  • Create an environment of superior customer service to employers and workers.
Some accomplishments serving these goals during my tenure include testimony four times to U.S. Congressional Committees, an analysis of Workforce Investment Act spending rates, a survey of state supplemental funding, a guide to high-performing information technology departments, a guide to successful project management, an information technology portfolio, a guide to data analysis for Equal Opportunity Directors, a guide to serving diverse populations, a position paper on the issue of inherently religious activities, and much more.

This report provides information NASWA's mission, organization, goals, activities, and accomplishments during the past year. It also provides an appendix describing the workforce system and its performance. For state workforce agency administrators and their employees, this is a document to have as a reference if you want to take full advantage of the benefits of your Association. Please keep it by your desk and consult it when you need help. If you do, you are certain to find out about a committee, workgroup, conference, or project that can help you find solutions to your problems. And, the staff of NASWA stands ready in Washington, DC to assist you if you need further help.

JoAnn Hammill
President (2005-2006) and
Assistant Commissioner, Workforce New Jersey,
New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Click here to view NASWA's 2006 Annual Report. Download PDF Version