MN Social Media Training

Apr 10, 2015

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Minnesota forwarded the following recordings from Minnesota's "Using Social Media to Find Jobs" webinars held on June 5th and 11th.  If you have any current webinars or training materials to share, please send them! 

The Minnesota social media presentations were built as part of a federal grant.  Minnesota would especially love to hear any suggestions you have for improving the presentations.

• Webinar Introduction (16 minutes) -
• Intro to LinkedIn (58 mins)  -
• Advanced LinkedIn for Job Search (51 mins) -
• Intro to Facebook (46 mins) -
• Advanced Facebook for Job Search (1 hour, 3 mins) -
• Intro to Twitter (38 mins, video is missing the first minute of the presentation) -
• Advanced Twitter for Job Search (59 mins) -
• How to Act Online (46 mins) -
• Networking Through Social Media / Creating an Online Brand (47 mins) -