Blended and Braided Funding: A Guide for Policymakers and Practicioners

Jan 22, 2016

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What if you were told there is a way of responding to this multiplicity of programs? What if funds serving similar populations could be administered with greater flexibility to help bring about program efficiencies, improve outcomes and save on costs? To help explain how funds from a variety of sources can serve the public in a comprehensive, coordinated and efficient manner, the Association of Government Accountant's Intergovernmental Partnership brought together federal, state and local government experts to explain how governments can leverage resources and improve program performance. In developing this guide, the Intergovernmental Partnership sought to assist those who set government policy, including Congress and presidential administrations, state legislators, governors, city councils, and mayors. This guide also provides some basic ‘how to’ information for those responsible for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of funds through blended or braided funding.