2011 CESER Capabilities Statement

Aug 30, 2011

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CESER's guiding principle is simple: to serve the workforce system in general and state workforce agencies in particular by producing high quality products. CESER's staff and partners are continuously engaged in the workforce development arena, need not climb a typical consultant's learning curve, and are ready to apply their practical knowledge, management expertise and research and analytical skills to new workforce development projects. We offer customers:

A direct connection to the publicly-funded workforce development system.
Our workforce experience is not based on narrow projects completed in a few locations. Our workforce experience is based on long-term, in-depth and ongoing relationships with the primary stakeholders of the workforce system in all aspects of the field.

Access to nationally recognized experts in the workforce development field.
CESER has developed an impressive list of private sector partners (including recently-retired state talent) in the fields of job training, employment services, labor market information, unemployment insurance, information technology and more.

A dedicated staff of expert managers with a proven record of successful projects and satisfied customers.
Each project is overseen by a CESER expert manager, who works closely with customers on a project's conception, design, and implementation.

Innovative technology approaches to delivering training and other workforce content.
CESER pioneered the use of distance-learning technolog y in workforce training projects through self-paced online courses, on-line tutorials, and webinars. We continue to search for and identify new ways to use proven, leadingedge technologies in our projects.

A comparatively low-cost of management services.

Performance characterized by flexibility, responsiveness and the ability to work within tight deadlines.

Attractive, effective, and cost-conscious packaging and delivery of products.