WA - Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Services Director

Jul 27, 2017

This position is an Exempt Management Service (EMS) Band 4 employment opportunity.

This recruitment is open until filled. Applicant review begins on July 17, 2017. The hiring authority reserves the right to make a hiring decision at any time.

The Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance (PFMLI) Director has primary responsibility for the service delivery of PFMLI benefit services to a statewide constituency of employers and workers. The organizational structure includes:

  • Benefit Services, including claim adjudication and benefit award
  • Tax administration, collection, audit
  • Employer and claimant account management
  • Compliance
  • Appeals
  • PFMLI procedures in alignment with statutes, rules and policies
  • Operating strategy and planning
  • Personnel recruitment, training and development
  • Technology systems planning, development and implementation
  • Lean continuous improvement for the operations of the division

The PFMLI Director develops strategic operating plans and determines how service will be delivered now and in the future.  This position provides leadership, continual process improvement, performance management, proper and effective delivery of operational business functions, and strategic human resources direction. In addition, this position contributes to the agency's mission of assisting Washington's employers and workers by facilitating financial support for Washington's workers who experience family and medical situations that meet the criteria in Chapter 50A RCW.