Conference Presentations

Employment & Training Committee Meeting

Date Place Minutes Presentations
2017-May-18 Boston MA Minutes A View from the Corner Office 
(Scott Sanders, NASWA)

Massachusetts Multi-Lingual Services 
(Alice Sweeney, MA)

Massachusetts Showcase 
(Alice Sweeney and Jennifer James, MA)

Meeting Packet for May 2017 E&T Committee Meeting 
(Yvette Chocolaad and Kevin Naud)

Navigating the Road Ahead in Washington 
(John Colbert, Capitol Hill Partners)

RESEA Manual Presentation Points 
(Beth Goguen and Alice Sweeney, MA)

Unemployment Insurance Reform Proposals 
(Julie Squire, NASWA)

Wisconsin Job Centers: Costs Database and SharePoint Site Introduction 
(Kristine Porter, WI)

WITSC: Potential Services and Challenges 
(Scott Sanders, NASWA)