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Dennis was a mechanic in the military, but as a civilian has been unable to get a job in his field. He wanted a career in trucking, so decided to attend Commercial Driving School (CDS) in the Lacey area.

James was a homeless veteran who also looked for a career in trucking. He began CDS training in addition to enrollment in a Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act program.

A trucking employer in the area was looking for drivers and contacted the Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) at WorkSource, who had previously helped the trucking employer hire a veteran. The LVER went to Career Path Services, a WorkSource partner organization, to see if counselors Kat Santana or Shannon Benton knew of any qualified veterans the company could hire.

Kat and Shannon did. The counselors contacted Dennis and James, who interviewed for the positions. Both veterans interviewed well and were offered a position with the company pending the completion of their final driving tests and attaining their commercial driving license.

Kat and Shannon provided supportive services to both veterans and they're working on developing an on-the-job training position for Dennis. A Disabled Veterans Outreach Program representative at WorkSource helped James get food, gas and lodging and enrolled him in the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program.

While James did not initially pass his driving test, the veterans staff at WorkSource continue to assist him with housing and with his job search. He has not given up on a career in trucking, and Career Path Services will fund a second CDL test for him. A colleague at WorkSource Lewis County identified two jobs in that area that could be a great fit.

Dennis is also re-taking his driving test and is still being considered for hire in Centralia. We'll continue to follow his progress and are confident that we'll report a successful outcome.

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James and Cheri,* a young married couple with two children, came to Family Service Worker Karen Hill for help in August 2015. They were homeless and had been living behind a hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Karen knew that the first things they needed were food and shelter, and networking paid off right away. Many of the local shelters couldn't accommodate families, so Karen contacted Pastor Keith Richard of Living Waters Homeless Shelters who was able to help Karen find the family a room for several days. During their stay at Living Waters Homeless Shelters, Karen organized use of Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds to pay the family's first month's rent for an apartment unit. She also worked in conjunction with the WIOA unit which helped locate employment for James and Cheri as well as other government agencies and community partners to help the family make use of many other human and economic services. With all of these combined resources, Karen was able to help James and Cheri move their family from a crisis situation to a stable living condition. To date, James has maintained employment and they have been successful renters for a year. Cheri is seeking employment while the children are on a waiting list to enroll in the East Baton Rouge Head Start program.

Services used:
CSBG - Rent; OSS - Food Pantry; WIOA - Job Search; Head Start - Education; EBRSO - Toys for Tots; Referral List - Living Waters Shelters.

*Names changed for privacy