Conference Presentations

2013 USDOL National Unemployment Insurance Tax Conference

Date Place Presentations
2013-Sep-16 Washington DC Alternative Methods of Experience Rating Debate 
(Rob Pavosevich, USDOL; Erica Von Nessen, South Carolina; James Van Erden, NASWA/ITSC )

Alternative Methods of Experience Rating: Erica Von Nessen 
(Erica Von Nessen, South Carolina)

Alternative Methods of Experience Rating: Rob Pavosevich 
(Rob Pavosevich, USDOL)

Collection Tools: Maryland 
(Marius Chukwurah, Maryland )

Collection Tools: South Dakota 
(Sharon Schnabel, South Dakota)

Collection Tools: Utah 
(Jody McMillan, Utah)

ETA Legislative Update 
(Suzanne Simonette, ETA, Chief of the Division of Legislation)

Fictitious Employers: Iowa 
(Carie O'Brien, Iowa)

Fictitious Employers: Utah 
(Jody McMillan, Utah)

Miscellany: Internal Security 
(Derrick Holmes, USDOL)

Miscellany: UC TOP  
(Gary Wright, New Hampshire)

National Directory of New Hires 
(Lynnetta Thompson, National Directory of New Hires)

September 2013 Update from Information Technology Support Center 
(Marie Moss, ITSC)

September 2013 Update from NASWA 
(Brian Langley, UI Director, NASWA)

Tax Performance System (TPS) 
(Keith Ribnick, USDOL)

Tax Performance System (TPS): South Carolina 
(Nicolle Little, South Carolina)

Tax Performance System (TPS): USDOL 
(Joe Toth, USDOL)

The Effective Audit Measure: Maryland 
(Betty Mull, Maryland)

The Effective Audit Measure: USDOL 
(Tom Crowley, USDOL)

Trust Fund Solvency, Title XII Loans 
(Ron Wilus, ETA, Chief of the Division of Fiscal & Actuarial Services)

UI Tax Conference Plenary Session 
(Tom Crowley, USDOL)

UI Tax Conference Plenary Session 
(Tom Crowley, ETA, UI Tax Chief, Division of UI Operations, USDOL)

UI Tax System Automation: Maryland 
(Brian Smith, Maryland)

UI Tax System Automation: Montana 
(Sandy Bay, Montana)

UI Tax System Automation: Wyoming 
(Jim Beck, Wyoming)

Worker Misclassification 
(Carl Guzzardi, Connecticut)

Worker Misclassification: Illinois 
(Lois Cuevas, Illinois)